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Midi Dungeon, ESC 不在 0

MIDI Dungeon, ESC 不在

Vaporwave is an exciting genre because of its numerous facets and styles. One strong example of this is the album MIDI Dungeon by the artist ESC 不在. ESC 不在 happens to be one of...

Ximer Rotarerpo Htooms 0


It has been said that Vaporwave is the first truly global music genre, developed by artists from around the globe. In addition, Vaporwave music is also extremely accessible. Often created from samples and drum...

3 Megabytes of Hot Ram Glass Mesa 0

3 Megabytes of Hot RAM, Glass Mesa

Here’s some neat Vaporwave music from the artist Glass Mesa. The above song–titled “3 Megabytes of Hot RAM”–is exactly three minutes long and blends together several samples to create a mysterious atmosphere of audio....